EZTraderHaving been established since the beginning, EZTrader can be considered to be one of the longest running brokerages in the industry.

Somewhat unusually for a binary option broker, it is publicly listed and audited. Its parent company, Win Gaming Media has a full listing on the NASDAQ market.

As part of a new re-branding the company has been able to retain the great positives of its platform, namely simple and accurate operation, while setting out a plan to incorporate a range of new features to meet the demands of trading clients.

Broker Particulars

  • Account Opening Deposit Requirement: $200
  • Minimum Trade Size – $25
  • Account Handling Currencies – USD, EUR, GBP, SKR, NKR
  • Contracts Available – Call, Put (One Touch and Boundary launching soon)
  • Typical In The Money Returns – 70-95%
  • US Traders – Yes
  • Website – www.eztrader.com

Review of EZTrader

The EZtrader binary options trading platform is well regarded by those who have used it. It is perhaps one of the easiest platforms to get to grips with, making it ideal for those people who just want to get on with their trading with the minimum of hassle.

It features one of the largest ranges of assets for trading of any broker, being particularly good on the range of stocks and Indices which are available. This will be of particular interest to US traders who are looking to get started with binary options.

Pay-out levels on the Call/Put option types are good. You can earn up to 95% for standard  Call/ Put binary option. and in excess of 130% for weekly options (available weekends).

A key feature which is unusual among brokers is the ‘SellOption’ facility which is offered. This provides the opportunity to literally ‘sell back’ an open position for the current market price. This can be used if you want to take a profit early or in the case.

It can also be used to salvage some money when it is clear that the price of an asset is moving against you on an open position. In short, you won’t have to site and watch your contract expire worthless.

Web based Binary Options Platform

Opening An Account

Account opening is conducted online. Once you have completed the free registration, the next step is to deposit some funds into your account. To make things simple only one account type is offered which can be opened with a minimum deposit of 200 units of your chosen currency. Subsequent deposits must be from 100 units.

Deposits can be made by both Credit and Debit cards. Accepted cards include Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

EZTrader withdrawals can be made to your credit/ debit card. You can also make withdrawals via wire transfer for a $15 fee.

EZTrader mobile app

Mobile Trading

It doesn’t matter which mobile device you currently use, you will find that there is a dedicated app available for you to trade with from this broker.

Both iPhone and Android users are catered for with reliable trading apps. The iPhone mobile trading app is downloadable from the iTunes store and an Android app is downloadable from the Google Play store.

Both Apps offer the ability to place trades, sell back open positions and carry out key account management functions from a simple interface while on the move.

Summary Of Key Features

  • A dependable, easy to use and well laid out trading platform
  • Good returns and a very wide range of assets to trade
  • New and expanding trading platform that will only get better


This is an established broker that has a large amount of experience in delivering services to its clients. As such it knows what traders need and focuses upon getting the basics right.

A reliable and simple to navigate trading platform are to its credit. Furthermore it offers a wide range of different markets in its Asset Index covering the markets that most traders are going to be interested in trading.

While some traders will perhaps demand additional contract types for trading, it should be noted that both Touch and Boundary contracts are to be implemented on the platform imminently.

Add in a good quality mobile trading app and top level customer service and in EZTrader you have a broker that is worthy choice for traders of all levels.

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